Mission of Chate School

Chate school strives to create an inspirational environment which exceeds all expectations of students and parents. We also extend due exposure, framework and environment to make students choose the right method of learning to the best of time and quality education. The Teaching format at Chate school for Class Nursery to 10th works on providing a stress-free learning environment that develops competent and self-assured students in view of board and competitive exams. Chate school follows a uniform curriculum with a flexible scheme of studies on a par with needs of each and every student. The mission of Chate school is to profoundly transform the lives of our students.

We aim to make our students autonomous, lifelong learners, excelling academically and in all manners being a symbol of merit. It’s our educational parenting to be students’ resourceful co-traveller in the cause of success by taking due care of their development in merit, consistency in success and unfaltering self-belief.

Vision of Chate School

In Chate school’ teaching format, an education institution is not just a means to an end. Instead of merely churning out scholars, we give much credit to influencing an ideal educational ambience which can be cultivated through quality education. Our system of education aims at making students visionary of modern times with a confident and balanced global approach. Undeniably, Indian has come up as the country to beat in a more benign rivalry over education with magnificent success in software developments, internet businesses and knowledge intensive industries. Chate school is much secure about its teaching system and educational set-up as myriad students have consistently ranked at the top of tests that Chate school takes pride in.