Sport's of Chate School

Sports bring students together from all strata of life and make them learn social and communicative skills . Students love to play their favourite games in a healthy atmosphere on the ground. All the same , discipline works as the ideal means to help them reach out their cherished goal .

We all know , excellence is a journey and discipline is the vehicle in the making of a substantive career full of diversified opportunities. Further , sports have always been an integral part of education proving, 'A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body' .

As a matter of fact , team-work is the key to success for which one has to be unique to shine in their own way . Therefore , Chate School asks students to play like a Champion , live like a Champion and behave like a Champion. Every student of Chate School performs like a Champion and always remains precise by keeping a right balance between the operating curriculum and meeting with growing educational demands along with the right perspective about sports .