Welcome to Chate Schools

Dedicated Educators

Chate School, an excellent educational set-up of Chate Group of Education, is a full-fledged CBSE affiliated and State Board based chain of schools with enormous student strength and a number of non-teaching staff functioning with the core of brilliance and proficiency. A total number of 15 Chate Schools are prominently operative at various city wise prime locations which are: Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and many more. Chate School established in 1989 under the farsighted leadership of Prof. Gopichand Chate, with the perspective of providing students with quality education and sheer academic knowledge, today proudly excels among its counterparts through its annual astounding merit based results and outperforming academic and non-academic performances.

First-Rate Curriculum

Chate School goes on adding a wide range of academic expertise in its multi-dimensional bouquet made up of brilliance, excellence and intelligence, with changing times and demands.

Further, the ever improvising varied grade based curriculum of Chate School, unquestionably substantiates the process of grooming young minds through holistic education. In addition to it, the Sports and a Performing Arts curriculum propels ahead the commitment of bringing in an all round development in every student’s personality. While the Performing Arts equips students with their overall technical knacks, thereby letting them emerge as the multi-talented minds, the sports activities including assorted indoor and outdoor facilities, give an edge to students’ mental and physical fitness in order to enable, encourage and redefine their hidden strength and potential.